Reasons Why Exercising During Pregnancy Plays Such An Important Role

Exercising during pregnancy has a range of benefits, including contributing to the chance of a smoother delivery, as well as reducing the risk of gestational diabetes. Even if the changes in your body make it tempting to avoid exercise, consider these benefits and then if your physician agrees, adopt a suitable exercise regime.

Exercise when pregnant under the guidance of a midwife and you can tackle blissfully several health issues during pregnancy as well as post-delivery. Get in touch with our fitness midwife and they will guide you on the right kind of fitness and exercise regime for you.

Reasons why it is worth the effort of adopting the habit of pregnancy exercise with our midwives.

1. Increase The Chance Of A Smoother Delivery

The body has to use all of its strength to push the baby out through the pelvic passage and vagina. You will have to exercise your pelvic muscles as well as the rest of your body to ensure that this passage is smooth. Exercising allows the muscles to become supple and pliant. You can begin exercising as soon as you find out that you are pregnant. However, it is very wise to consult with a physician before doing so. This will ensure you that you are healthy enough to start exercising. Many benefits come along with exercising during pregnancy.

2. You Will Look And Feel Better

When you exercise your body releases endorphins, which are feel-good hormones. A healthy and relaxed mind is good for your baby’s growth. Exercise during pregnancy with a mind wife also gives your skin a healthy glow, reduces stress and improves sleep.

Pregnant women should be aware of the fact that there are many benefits of exercise and not exercising can potentially be dangerous, in some situations. You should not stop exercising just because you are experiencing morning sickness. As a matter of fact, exercise has been shown to be potentially beneficial for relieving the symptoms of morning sickness. However, you should stop exercising and consult with your physician if you experience headaches, dizziness, vaginal bleeding and painful contractions.

3. Helps You Maintain A Healthy Weight During Pregnancy

Weight gain is normal during pregnancy, but you must keep your weight within the prescribed limits. Gaining a lot of weight during pregnancy increases the risk of complications. It will be much harder for you to lose weight during pregnancy if you gain a lot of weight. Additionally, the notion that you have to eat for two is a myth. A weight gain of 11 Kg is considered normal. You will be able to maintain a decent weight if you get plenty of nutritious foods that have fiber, healthy fats, carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, and minerals.

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4. Reduced Risk Of Gestational Diabetes

This is one of the most common complications diagnosed in pregnancy. Gestational diabetes occurs because a woman’s blood sugar levels become irregular because of hormonal changes. Exercise during pregnancy helps regulate the blood sugar levels. You can also prevent gestational diabetes by sticking to a healthy diet, no smoking, not drinking alcohol and maintaining a healthy body weight. You can also help prevent gestational diabetes by planning your pregnancies to give enough time between babies.

5. Relieve Back Pain

As you advance in your pregnancy, the baby will grow bigger and change your posture. You will arch your back to support the extra weight. This arch will become more pronounced, and you will experience pain in your lower back. The muscles in your back and belly are designed to support the joints in the back, but the extra weight puts a strain on the muscles. If you do not exercise, your back will be stiff, and you may not be able to twist or bend forward. If you exercise, your back will become more flexible, and you will be relieved of the ache.

6. Faster Recovery After Delivery

Exercising during pregnancy can help you strengthen your body so that you can give birth smoothly. It may also help keep your weight within a healthy range so that you may return to your pre-pregnancy rate faster. You may have to wait at least one week after you give birth to start exercising again. However, you should consult with our physician so that you can begin exercising as soon as possible and return to your postpartum weight.

7. Pleasant Pregnancy Is Better For You, Baby And For Any Future Babies You Hope To Have

If you feel as well as possible by exercising during pregnancy, eating healthily, feeling happy and positive and of course feeling well looked after both medically and personally; then you will remember pregnancy as a pleasant time. Of course, it may have had its challenges, but the overall feeling is a very positive one.

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