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home appointment with nurse midwives brooklyn
At our alternative birth center, we’re dedicated to providing women in Brooklyn and the surrounding areas with the care and expertise of qualified, compassionate certified nurse midwives. We believe in offering the best care possible, and we offer top-notch services to each of our valued patients throughout the prenatal, birth, and postpartum experience. While we’re not able to provide assistance during home births, we’re proud to be able to support women during their hospital deliveries. We work alongside doulas and obstetricians during labor and delivery in order to ensure that our patients are receiving the best, most supportive care possible.

We believe in celebrating the inner strength of women and in the importance of providing women of all ages with quality health care. We take our mission one step further by making it our goal to also help enhance the well-being and quality of life of families and communities throughout the Brooklyn area. We believe that all human beings have equal rights and we recognize that, all to often, women become the victims of inequality when these basic human rights are violated.

Our Philosophy

We firmly believe in doing our part to ensure that each woman in our care enjoys the best possible health care experience whether that be routine gynecological examinations or pregnancy-related services. Our philosophy is that each person, no matter their background and needs, deserves to have access to:

  • ethical and responsible health care that helps to facilitate long-term healing and health
  • health care that focuses on protecting the dignity of the human being as well as their individuality and diversity
  • complete information and professional guidance that will allow them to make the best possible decisions for themselves, their families, and their health
  • the ability to be proactive and involved in their own health care decisions
  • the ability to have family members involved in their health care experience, as long as this involvement is desired

Our Vision

We have a clear vision when it comes to the type of health care we wish to provide to our patients. We believe that quality woman and family health care means:

  • the promotion of compassionate and continuing relationships between the patient and the provider
  • acknowledging and respecting each individual’s own unique knowledge and personal life experience
  • utilizing personalized, individualized health care methods and treatments in order to more precisely provide each patient with the care needed
  • incorporating human presence and communication into the therapy experience so as to make each individual feel cared for and comfortable

We understand and appreciate the natural lifecycle that every woman experiences. Things change and adjust over time, which is a normal part of life, and this is why a certified nurse midwife from our center provides:

  • a more watchful approach that involves non-intervention throughout normal life processes and changes
  • interventions when necessary that involve technology designed to address both possible and current health conditions and issues
  • consultations when symptoms are being experienced
  • collaboration and referrals with other providers in the health care industry in order to make sure that we’re providing our patients with optimal care

certified nurse midwife brooklyn ny

Compassionate Care

A certified nurse midwife makes sure to include all of these aspects in the care they provide to their patients. We believe that midwifery is a phenomenal way to provide women with the care they need during pregnancy, menopause, and any other time in a woman’s life. Our skills, combined with those of professional doulas and competent obstetricians, can make for a great woman’s health care experience.

At our alternative birth center, our midwives all believe in receiving proper formal education as well as continual learning experiences. Lifelong learning is crucial to providing proper care, and we make sure to stay up to date on the best, most ethical midwife practices. Our values and beliefs are what our center was founded on, and we demonstrate our commitment to our patients each day. We’re dedicated to improving the well-being of women throughout the world by starting here at home and by promoting leadership and individuality on a community, state, and national level.

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